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Wild Bee Will Help Keep Your Beauty Routine Buzzing

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Wild Bee Will Help Keep Your Beauty Routine Buzzing

Natural Life™ began with a simply purpose - to heal Aussies and give back to Australia at the same time. How? By supporting the Earth's most precious pollinators, bees who also happen to be the source of some of the most nutrient-rich antioxidant-pack ingredients ever.

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We talk with Antony Adare – Founder of Natural Life (also Bee Keeper) and find out what keeps him buzzing.

How did Natural Life & Wild Bee begin? What inspires you?

My world has revolved around bees for more than 25 years. I had my own beehives and a range of 'bee' type products I wanted to sell into the health and pharmacy market in Australia and around the world. We are so lucky in Australia to have such a diverse range of flora, which means the natural products which bees create are unparalleled. This work has put me in touch with many beekeepers, and has revealed how wonderful and demanding their world is. With Wild Bee, I wanted to make a skincare range that supported local beekeepers and had a genuine story to it. I love the land to skin concept, and I love the interactions we have with beekeepers. They're amazing, hard-working people that need our support as they are really up against it with climate change (fires & drought) and the battle against imported products. We have three awesome beekeepers that we buy raw material from plus we donate 5% of sales back to Save the Bees Australia. 

What does your morning look like?

Exercise of course! I'm definitely an early riser, so depending on the day either yoga, paddle boarding or walking.

Maintaining a socially conscious business - its hard! What are some of the obstacles you have had to face? 

Plastics! We're in the process of sourcing recycled ocean plastic packaging. But the cost and availability of this is proving very difficult. I'm hoping that soon, everything we do as a business is sustainable as possible. We've developed our relationships with beekeepers and our native extracts suppliers that have a social conscience and practice sustainability in their daily lives.

How did you choose the ingredients that go inside Wild Bee?

All the ingredients we've chosen have a direct benefit to the skin in different ways - nourishing, hydrating and reviving!

What's next for your brands?

Focusing on adding more essential products to the range. Working with Australia's diverse range of native ingredients to benefit the skin and support our indigenous suppliers. 

Who inspires you to do more?

Simon Mulvany of Save the Bees. He's worked tirelessly fighting the good fight to support Australia's beekeepers.