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Discover Wild Bee by Natural Life. Natural skin care made with some of the most nutrient-rich, healing antioxidants found in nature.

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    Discover Wild Bee

    Beautiful skincare made from nature

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    Provided by Nature

    Pure natural skincare to nourish, nurture & protect.

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    100% Australian // Sustainable

    We are committed to the conservation of Australian bees.

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    Natural Ingredients

    Natural Ingredients

    no animal testing // no parabens // no sulphates // no mineral oils 

    Like all Natural Life™ products, Wild Bee looks to nature for the most powerful, uplifting and nutrient-rich ingredients. Wild Bee is pure, natural skincare designed to nourish, nurture and protect your skin, so you will feel and look your best every day, naturally

    Sustainable Skincare

    Sustainable Skincare

    Bees and other pollinators are extremely important. Our entire ecosystem depends on them. 

    So for every beautiful product sold, Wild Bee will donate a portion of sales to the Save the Bees foundation in order to support Australia's Bee Keepers

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    Blog posts

    • At Wild Bee, We're Wild About Bees...

      We simply love them. We love the magical work they do, unnoticed and essential for all life on Earth.

      We love bee products; honey, propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen, and the wonderful health benefits they provide.

      We love learning about bees and the intimate way they work with nature, because seriously - they are amazing! 

    • The Power of 3: When People, Bees and the Bush Come Together

      Never has it been so important for us to support our local environment, our animals and our people. We are so proud to say our bee products do just that. Our Propolis, Manuka honey and Royal Jelly come from the wonderful bees living in diverse natural environments along the east coast of Australia.

      But we want you to know a little about our beekeepers…

    • Wild Bee Skincare Supporting Save the Bees

      Save the Bees takes a stand for bees, and for humanity. 

      Save the Bees encourages individuals and groups to get hands-on saving and building bee colonies within their own communities and to choose honey that is locally made or produced.

    • Australian Native Bee Propolis

      Wild Bee is the only Australian skincare brand to use Propolis from Australian native bees. Propolis from native bees contains more than double the medicinal value of honey bee Propolis. Find out more about the benefits of bee product on your skin.