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Discover Wild Bee by Natural Life. Natural skin care made with some of the most nutrient-rich, healing antioxidants found in nature.

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    Discover Wild Bee

    Beautiful skincare made from nature

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    Provided by Nature

    Pure natural skincare to nourish, nurture & protect.

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    100% Australian // Sustainable

    We are committed to the conservation of Australian bees.

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    Our Customers

    "As an ethical brand, I love the work of Wild Bee. This cleanser works beautifully, my skin feels soft and clean after every use. The Australian botanicals give off such a lovely scent too" - Cassie

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    Natural Ingredients

    Natural Ingredients

    no animal testing // no parabens // no sulphates // no mineral oils 

    Wild Bee partners directly with local beekeepers, Indigenous growers and formulation chemists to bring our products to life, and LIFE to products through our True to Nature

    Click to view our Wild Ingredients Glossary

    Sustainable Skincare

    Sustainable Skincare

    Wild Bee Works with suppliers of native extracts and bee keepers that are committed to corporate and social responsibility positive environmental practices and the empowerment of growers and indigenous communities

    Meet our partners here

    "Wild Bee only works with local Australian beekeepers that employ sustainable practices, don't use pesticides and love bees." - Simon Mulvany (Save the Bees Australia)

    Bee Friendly

    Bee Friendly

    In light of the global bee crisis, we are partnering with a number or local beekeepers across Australia who harvest our honey from Native Leptospermum Forests.

    Our suppliers maintain an optimal environment for their bees to flourish in, as well as protecting and restoring the bees’ natural habitat and ecosystems. Their main driver being to move away from monoculture set-ups towards true biodiversity of the past.

    Our beekeepers don't use antibiotics to raise their bees. They don't sugar-feed the bees. The bees simply exist in nature, as they always have, with as little interference from humans as possible. It's better for the bees. Better for the products.

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