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Lemon Myrtle - A Seriously Powerful Superfood

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Lemon Myrtle - A Seriously Powerful Superfood

Lemon myrtle is one of Australia's most powerful superfoods. You can find it in parts of central and south-eastern Queensland, Australia. Harvested in subtropical rainforests, Lemon Myrtle has been used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years to flavour foods and as a healing oil. 

Aromatherapists & Chefs also recognise the power of Lemon Myrtle due to its incredible aromas and flavour that can be used in both sweet and savoury situations. Furthermore the plant is getting recognition for its health benefits, which include a high amount of antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties - and its ability to balance micro flora of the gut, supporting overall gut health.

Wild Bee values the potential found in native Australian ingredients, and is proud to support the Aboriginal communities who harvest them. 

Lemon Myrtle is found inside our Foaming Facial Cleanser