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Does Wild Bee work with sensitive skin?

Wild Bee was formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Our products contain more than 99% natural ingredients which are gentle, light and do not irritate. If you are concerned about sensitive skin issues, please test Wild Bee on a small section of skin first.

Can I return an Item?

Any faulty or damaged stock returned within 14 days will be replaced at no charge. If an order has been received and is incorrect through the fault of Wild Bee, it will be replaced at no additional charge to the customer or a full refund of the initial charge will be given upon its return to Wild Bee. Wild Bee does not give refunds if a customer changes their mind on an item.

Does Wild Bee contain preservatives?

Wild Bee’s products contain less than ½ % of the preservative phenoxyethanol. This is used to ensure that our products are 100% safe to use through all stages of its journey. You can find detailed ingredient lists on each of our products at

Does Wild Bee test on animals?

Wild Bee is a company that is committed to the conservation of our planet and its wildlife. During the development stage of our products we do not test any of the ingredients on animals, and ensure our suppliers adhere to our strict requirements. We also believe in the correct handling and harvesting of bee ingredients, and only work with Australian beekeepers who are ethical and sustainable. This makes our products 100% cruelty free.


Does Wild Bee ship internationally?

Yes ! Wild Bee ships to many locations around the world. Please see the list of available countries during checkout. Shipping costs are also calculated during this stage.

How can I pay?

Wild Bee accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Can I make a wholesale order?

Yes, if you would like a wholesale price list or complete an order, please contact our helpful staff via email or phone +61 2 9907 2377

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been fulfilled you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number. To track, click the link in the email / enter the number on the Australia Post website.

Wild Bee Manuka Honey Illustration