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Wild Ingredients Glossary

Wild Bee partners with local beekeepers, Indigenous growers and formulation chemists to bring our products to life, and LIFE to products through our True to Nature ingredients

‘True to Nature’ – Bee and plant solutions; fusing science and nature.



100% Australian Royal Jelly 

Known as the 'elixir of youth' Royal Jelly is the food reserved for the Queen Bee. One of the most nutrient rich substances on the planet, Royal Jelly delivers your skin with amino acids, B vitamins and high levels of anti-oxidant Vitamin C & E. Combined with natural anti-inflammatory activity, Royal Jelly soothes and nourishes skin while actively fighting free radical damage. 

Insider Tip: Anyone looking for a natural way to revitalise aged damaged or dry skin simply can't go past nutrient rich Royal Jelly. 

100% Australian Manuka Honey

Nature's sweetest skincare is rich in antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant activity. That's an impressive ability to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate skin. These factors remove dead cells, prevent bacterial growth, and cleanse surface pH for clean, clear and fresh-looking skin. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids deliver anti-aging nutrients to the deeper layers, and emollient factors smooth and soften skin's overall appearance.

Insider Tip: Manuka honey is praised for its medicinal properties we recommend it for any itchy, inflamed skin condition, including eczema, psoriasis and ongoing irritations.

100% Australian Beeswax

A simple natural substance used for skincare since ancient times. Beeswax is both water-attracting and barrier  forming, so it hydrates and protects your skin. Mild antibacterial qualities add further protective and healing qualities, while the natural wax texture softens and soothes the skin surface

Insider Tip: We love beeswax because it can be used on any part of the body and it suits pretty much everybody! We especially love its healing power for dry skin, eczema and stretch marks.

100% Australian Native Bee Propolis

A unique resin made by bees to protect the precious contents of their hives. It protective action derives from powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds combined with antibacterial activity. The result is a naturally occurring substance that nourishes, protects and heals even the most sensitive skin. The best thing is that the Propolis we use comes from Australian Native Bees, not the European Honey Bee where the propolis typically comes from China. The Propolis extract is highly potent - each batch is tested by our laboratories to guarantee a bio activity level of at least 30mg total phenolic content per 1ml of extract. 

Insider Tip: Propolis is a wonderful remedy for acne, eczema and sunspots. Use it to reduce redness and puffiness or to clear and prevent outbreaks.

Native Extracts - All Sourced from the NT & WA

We work with suppliers of native extracts that are committed to corporate and social responsibility, positive environmental practices, undertaking initiatives to support the development of new primary industry markets and the empowerment of growers and indigenous communities.

The quality of natural skincare is only as good as its ingredients. Our native extracts are superior in every aspect, from selection and species to extraction and purity.

Each of our native extracts are chosen for their unique combination of natural active compounds. Some deliver profound protective benefits, others nourish and hydrate, some are more useful for restorative or regenerative indications and others directly for healing. Our species selections and nutrient combinations ensure optimal effect for various skin types, conditions and a range of ages.

Of vital importance is the process of extraction. Cellular extraction delivers plant compounds in closest to nature form, producing the most potent and bio-available nutrients. This means each ingredient is present at levels seen in nature, and in a state most effectively recognised and absorbed by the body. This sets our native extracts and products apart from other natural skincare, optimising nutrient impact and activity for more profound results, naturally.

Our extracts can stand on their own - they are pure, unadulterated and without synthetic additives.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most common ingredients in skincare and with good reason! This fat-soluble vitamin has powerful antioxidant properties, boosting your defense against free radical damage, pollution and sun exposure. The fatty component adds strength to skin barrier function and maintains moisture. The overall effect is smooth, plump, healthier looking skin.

Insider Tip: Look for combinations of Vitamin E with Vitamin C – they’re more powerful when working together.


Used extensively in food and nutrition, liquorice extract has powerful benefits for your skin too. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action gives soothing protection to the skin and is helpful for conditions like eczema and acne. With abundant antioxidants, signs of skin damage including lines and darkness are also reduced.

Insider Tip: Hyper-pigmentation – the darkening of skin and skin spots – can be frustrating and tricky to treat. Liquorice gets a double thumbs up because it helps both treat and prevent hyper- pigmentation.

Kakadu Plum

This native Australian bush food is the most concentrated source of Vitamin C on Earth! Famous for fighting free radicals, Vitamin C is also essential for making collagen. This powerful combination promotes elasticity and anti-aging action. Naturally occurring phyto-nutrients upscale these benefits for improved skin tone and skin radiance.

Insider Tip: We love the quick results seen with Kakadu Plum not only for fine lines and wrinkles, but also for pigmentation and redness. It’s a standout.

Lemon Myrtle

An antioxidant powerhouse, lemon myrtle is as refreshing and revitalising as it smells. The sweet lemon fragrance makes it popular in Australian natural cosmetics, and it works wonders on the skin. Natural astringent and anti- inflammatory qualities tighten large pores, reduce redness, and give support to oily, mature and tired looking skin.

Insider Tip: You’ll love it if your skin looks tired even when you’re not. And while there’s no magic bullet for dark circles under the eyes, this can really give you a lift.

Tasmanian Blue Gum

This aromatic Australian native is a total beauty for anti-aging. Natural protein compounds promote collagen and elastin to strengthen and tone aging skin. Potent antioxidants and micronutrients make Blue Gum a real multitasker, refreshing, protecting and renewing skin cells for ongoing youthful tone.

Insider Tip: It’s not just for aging skin. Blue Gum has great results for managing acne prone skin, so teens will also love it too.

Tea Tree

A natural antibacterial superstar, tea-tree’s less-known but powerfully potent antioxidant factors will make your skin shine. Catechin, quercetin and gallic acid are plant-based nutrients that feed and hydrate skin cells and protect from environmental damage. Preventive and nourishing, tea tree supports healthy, brighter looking skin at any age.

Insider Tip: Super-hydrating qualities make this a hot pick for after- sun exposure.