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Wild Bee Skincare Supporting Save the Bees

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Wild Bee Skincare Supporting Save the Bees

How you can help save our bees, and why you should want to!

At Natural Life, we've been making our famous bee health products for almost 30 years. We really LOVE bees!

Working with bee products has taught us so much about these amazing creatures, without whom human life would simply not exist.

We have our own hives - including our in-office hive - which we use to learn and actually watch how bees make the incredible products we sell across Australia and throughout the world.

But not all bees have had the same good fortune as the bees in our happy office hive.

It's likely you've heard that bee populations globally are being destroyed.

The primary issues affecting bee numbers and their ability to thrive are mono-crop farming and the use of pesticides in agriculture - namely glyphosate and neonicotinoids.

This problem doesn't just affect the bees. It affects every person on the planet, including you.

The impact of losing bee populations globally would be devastating... Albert Einstien summed it up perfectly with this quote:

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man."

Lucky for us, there are people who know and care about this issue so much, they're willing to put it all on the line and go into battle for the bees. 

Simon Mulvany from Save the Bees is one of those people. 

A beekeeper of many years, Simon began by simply protecting Bee colonies in his local area. The more issues he uncovered, the more people became involved, the greater and more far-reaching his bee-saving work became. In time, save the Bees - a completely not-for-profit organisation - evolved.

Simon sparked a movement that has empowered people to take a stand for the most important pollinators on the earth 

Save the Bees takes a stand for bees, and for humanity. 

A large part of this work is education. Save the bees teaches people about the importance of bees, their role in the environment, in food production and the dangers they face in the current commercial climate.

Save the Bees encourages individuals and groups to get hands-on saving and building bee colonies within their own communities and to choose honey that is locally made or produced.

Aside from community engagement and education, Save the Bees represents our tiny flying friends in a political context too. Simon speaks up against pesticide manufacturers, major retailers and food producers to fight for improved farming and production practices that will support the future of bees. 

We love what Save the Bees stands for, and we love our bees.

That's why at Wild Bee by Natural Life, we decided to get behind Simon and his volunteers and support Save the Bees.

Look out for more on how we will be doing this over the next few months.

For now, the good news is, you can BEE part of the cure too!

From signing a petition to spreading the word, donating funds, organising an educational event or just choosing ethically produced honey - everyone can help save the bees! 


Discover Wild Bee natural skincare products and how we are committed to helping the cause.

Wild Bee skincare products are a beautiful, rich blend of natural Australian extracts and nourishing bee ingredients lovingly created to care for your skin. They contain no sulphate, paraben or mineral oil nasties. Check out the full range at 

Wild Bee by Natural Life natural skincare is committed to the cause too, so for every beautiful product sold, a portion of sales will go to the Save the Bees foundation to help Simon and his team spread the word. 

Also head over to Save the Bees

@savethebeesaustralia <> Now and see what difference you can make to the bees, to the earth, to yourself!