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The Power of 3: When People, Bees and the Bush Come Together

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The Power of 3: When People, Bees and the Bush Come Together

The whole world watched as the fires of 2019/20 ravaged the beautiful Australian coastlines, hurting and harming our animals, plants, and people along the way.

Never has it been so important for us to support our local environment, our animals and our people.

We are so proud to say our bee products do just that. Our Propolis, Manuka honey and Royal Jelly come from the wonderful bees living in diverse natural environments along the east coast of Australia.

But we want you to know a little about our beekeepers…

You see, the relationship between bees, their keepers and the land they both live on, is vital to the quality and effectiveness of the bee products you use for health.

Meet Dr Francois Visser and Mariki Visser - happily married scientists and bee lovers who discovered the unique interaction of native Australian bees with native plants near their home in the Queensland bush.

They’ve made beekeeping – specifically keeping native Australian bees – their life work.

Their mission is to restore native bee populations to bush and forest, supporting the natural ecosystem so plants and bees both can thrive.

Extensive studies of native bee propolis compared with honeybee propolis show far greater healing and medicinal power from native Australian bees.

Francois and Mariki say this is due to the relationship between native Australian bees and native Australian plants.

They attribute the powerful medicinal value of native Australian bee propolis to the biodiversity of the native bee environment, a rich mix of Australian plants - many with healing properties of their own - nourishing the bees, supporting their hives and allowing them to prosper.

Bee prosperity is so important to these passionate keepers.

With bee populations under threat, Francois and Mariki work hard to make sure their bees are healthy and well, with growing hive numbers.

Careful hive management ensures the wellbeing and sustainability of their native bee colonies.

They take only small quantities of propolis from each hive, leaving honey to sustain the bees. Francois and Mariki even make special food to supplement their bees when drought or bad weather strikes.

These bees are so well cared for! So is the propolis from their hives…

Special extraction of propolis without alcohol or petrochemicals makes this propolis from the Queensland bush 100% pure.

Truly amazing.

The story is similar further South for our Manuka Honey, harvested by another Aussie family living and working in the bush.

Stunning bushland near famous Byron Bay is home to thousands of bees that make our medicinal grade Manuka Honey.

The Howes have owned and run this bee farm since 1966.

Again, the diversity of native plants feeding the bees in this clean environment enriches the honey from their hives.

The medicinal grade Manuka has a higher MGO rating than many, because the working environment between plants and bees is in balance.

The Howes are committed to supporting a healthy environment and healthy. Their bees are raised 100% organically – without chemicals and without pharmaceuticals.

These bees are healthy because their environment is healthy. This makes the product naturally superior.

Mike and his family use cold extraction processes to maintain this quality and the potency their honey.

The Howes are a fine example of beekeepers respecting the land, the environment and the bees, so all three benefit.

In return, they are rewarded with premium quality, highly potent medicinal grade bee products.

The final friend in our trio of beekeeping pals is Ben from Bens Bees. 

Ben is another passionate Australian beekeeper based in Victoria. As well as keeping hives, Ben actively assists others to learn how to keep, care and even save bee colonies.

Ben is a well-known spokesperson, often invited to speak publically about bees, beekeeping and how we can support struggling bee populations.

Naturally, Ben’s bees are kept sustainably and ethically.

Ben supplies the Royal Jelly we use in Wild Bee.  The Royal Jelly removed from Ben’s hives is minimal, so as not to disturb or disrupt the colonies natural activities.

We are grateful and incredibly proud to work with such admirable, dedicated and clever Aussies.  When we make our bee products, we know we are helping these families – real people, with real passion – who in turn are helping the bees and the land.

Everyone plays a role. When we all work with nature, everyone thrives. Including you.

That’s natural.