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The Sweetest Skincare: How Honeybees Can Boost your Beauty

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When you step out of your busy city life and into nature, it doesn’t take long to see beauty wherever you look.

Look a little closer, and you’ll see beauty on a deeper level.

All around us, in worlds much smaller than our own, hidden and protected by the creatures that make them, are some of the most powerful beauty products on the planet.

The beehive is a treasure trove for natural beauty.

Honey, Royal Jelly, Beeswax and Propolis are among the most nutrient rich, soothing naturally healing ingredients you can put on your skin.

No wonder bees protect their hives so well! What’s inside protects your skin….

Within these tiny bee cities, beeswax provides support and stability for the entire structure. Strong hexagonal boxes of wax create a waterproof, antibacterial home for the precious contents of the hive – honey and royal jelly.  

Beeswax protects the skin

Just as the wax protects the hive, beeswax protects your skin. Resisting water and locking in moisture, beeswax keeps skin stay smooth and well hydrated.

Its antibacterial quality reduces infections and irritation while anti-inflammatory compounds soothe and repair damaged skin. It’s a powerful combination for clear, healthy skin - naturally.

Add a dash propolis, the vitamin and antioxidant-rich resin protecting the hive from the outside world, and you see how these natural actives protect and enrich your skin.

Honey – another layer of smooth protection

Honey is a sacred food and the liquid gold of legends. A powerful healer with the ability to preserve and restore, honey is not only sweet and mythical; it’s grounded in science.

Rich in antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant activity, honey cleanses, feeds and revitalizes skin. Live enzymes in raw honey work below the skin surface to soothe, repair and restore damaged skin.

Redness, scarring and blemishes are improved by the active compounds in raw honey. Manuka honey – with the highest levels of enzyme activity - is most powerful.

Lighter, brighter skin

A natural exfoliant, honey lightens and brightens skin without harsh scrubbing. Honey’s microbial activity on the skin surface gently removes dead cells, exposing fresh radiant skin beneath.

The right royal treatment

The final treat from the hive is Royal Jelly, widely known as ‘the elixir of youth.’ Royal Jelly is the exclusive food of the queen bee - hence it’s name. Fed only Royal Jelly her entire life, the queen bee is larger, stronger and outlives all other bees in the hive.

Potent antimicrobial and antioxidant activity are key to Royal Jelly’s healing, revitalising effects. Unique peptides in royal jelly increase free radical destruction and upscale antioxidant activity, making this superfood a super power in natural anti aging skincare.

When looking for natural skincare, look to nature first.

Go deep to find the most secret, protective substances in nature, and uncover the most secret natural protection for your skin.